Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 Songs You Wouldn't Want Played At a Loved One's Funeral

1. Any Other World (by MIKA)
2. Baby Got Back (by Sir Mix-A-Lot)
3. Kim (by Eminem)
4. Exquisite Dead Guy (by They Might Be Giants)
5. Trouble (by P!nk)
6. Princes Of The Universe (by Queen)
7. Rot In Hell (by Nekromantix)
8. Mexican Wine (by Fountains of Wayne)
9. Can't Get It Up If The Girl's Breathing (From Repo! The Genetic Opera)
10. Semi-Charmed Life (By Third Eye Blind) [Note From Brooke: One of the most inappropriate songs from our childhood.]

     Some music is good Funeral music. Some music is not. Then again, maybe we are completely wrong on this. Maybe there is a Funeral at which any of these songs could be perfectly appropriate and much appreciated. I do not know. These are things that cannot be known. In the meantime, let us pretend that we are right and that nobody should give the memorial service organist the sheet music for any of these songs. It would probably save you a lot of hassle. Hope you enjoy!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Songs For Superheroines

1. Can You Save Me (by Power)
2. Touch Me (by The Doors) [For Rogue ~ Tommy]
3. Supergirl (by Krystal Harris)
4. Blue Monday (by New Order) [for Mystique ~ Tommy]
5. Blaze of Glory (by The Alarm) [For Phoenix ~ Moira]
6. Magic (by The Cars) [For Zatanna ~ Sam]
7. Bright Future In Sales (by Fountains Of Wayne) [For Wonderella, but only because I have an easy time imagining her humming it to herself ~ Sam]
8. Everyday Superhero (by Smash Mouth)
9. Hero (by Nickleback)
10. Ask The Angels (by The Distillers) ((Patti Smith Cover)) [For Santana Hellstrom ~ Brooke]

Honorable Mentions: Girl All The Bad Guys Want (by Bowling for Soup), The Show Must Go On (by Carly Smithson) ((Queen Cover)) [For any female hero who's at her wits end ~Ailene]

With the Green Lantern, Captain America, Wolverine, Batman and so many other Superheros out there getting their own movies, it makes one wonder when the heroines of the comics universe are going to get some cinematic recognition. There's no Wonder Woman movie as of yet, and a Wallflower film doesn't seem forthcoming either. Unfortunate, yes, but we offer here a song based substitute for the time being. Not a good as a feature length tribute, certainly, but as close as we can get. (It was either this or a Hawk Girl musical, and I think Broadway's got enough to deal with in terms of costumed crusaders as it is right now.)


And as always, all songs collected into: Tonight's YouTube Playlist (Set-up and organized by Sam G.)
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

17 Songs Probably Overheard At Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

1. Yellow (by Coldplay) [For Draco Malfoy ~ Tommy]
2. Somewhere Only We Know (by Keane) [For Ron and Hermione ~ Tommy]
3. Hallelujah (by Ryan Ryan Robins) ((Leonard Cohen Cover)) [For the Golden Trio ~ Ailene]
4. Them That Do Nothing (by Field Music) [For any time the students have ever tried to get any help from the Ministry of Magic ~ Sam]
5. War (by Poets of the Fall)
6. Price Tag (by Jesse J ft. B.o.B.) [For Harry's View On Buying Things ~ Ailene]
7. Do Your Thing (by Basement Jaxx) [For Luna Lovegood ~ Sam]
8. Fix You (by Coldplay) [*Spoiler*For Harry After he Died ~ Ailene *Spoiler*]
9. The Sea Is A Good Place (by Los Campesinos) [For Everyone Who Died At The End ~ Brooke]
10. Witchy Woman (by The Eagles)
11. Magic Man (by Heart)
12. Howl (by Florence + The Machine) [For Remus Lupin ~ Ailene]
13. Come Together (by The Beatles) [For Dumbledore ~ Brooke]
14. Seen and Not Seen (by The Talking Heads) [For Voldemort ~ Tommy]
15. Monster (by The Automatic) [For Voldemort ~ Ailene]
16. Wizard Love (by Meeka Kitty and HeyHiHello)
17. Magic Stick (by Lil Kim ft. 50 Cent) [For Harry ~ Tommy] *NSFW*

Honorable Mention: The Mysterious Ticking Noise (by Neil Cicierega)

Dear Everyone,

We love Harry Potter. Don't even. Don't...just don't even. I know what you're trying to say right now, but don't even. Boo your face. We love Harry, and in honor of the last film, we have come up with a special Hogwarts themed playlist. Yes it's a majestic boarding school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and whatnot...but it is also a school, and for goodness sakes, sometimes people at school need their tunes. They need to play them often and loudly. You'll notice many of the songs have personal opinions on which characters said songs would apply to. If you too have suggestions for songs/who they would apply to, feel free to use the comments section to post them.

And enjoy.

As always, see all tonight's songs collected into: Tonight's YouTube Playlist (Set-up and Organized by Sam G.)
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Songs That Would Work As Theme Songs To Hypothetical Tv Shows on the SyFy Network

1. Somebody Help Me (by Anna Tsuchiya)
2. Answer (by Sarah McLachlan)
3. Love The Way You Lie (Part 2) (by Rihanna ft. Eminem)
4. Science Fiction/Double Feature (by Richard O'Brien) [Note from Sam: Only to be used in a TV series based off of Rocky Horror Picture Show]
5. Awake and Alive (by Skillet)
6. We R Who We R (by Ke$ha)
7. Written in the Stars (by Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner)
8. 100 Years (by Five for Fighting)
9. Kiss With a Fist (by Florence + The Machine)
10. Life on Mars? (by David Bowie)

Honorable Mention: Floodlights (by The Disco Biscuits)

Once, there was this awesome network called The Sci-Fi Channel. Then, they changed their name to SyFy and America was like, really? But the network still aired some pretty great shows, so America ended up forgiving them...only no they did not. America is still angry. In fact, some parts of America are still mad at the network for canceling Mystery Science Theater 3000. Expect the rioting to begin soon.
In the meantime, we have this playlist of potential theme songs for hypothetical shows on SyFy. Send your imagination to the furthest ends of several alternate universes as you consider the possible awesome shows these songs would be the lead-in for. Perhaps one about a cyborg kitten who fights crime? I would watch it. America would watch it. It may even be a way for the network to redeem itself. Are you listening SyFy?
(P.S. Thank you for re-airing Firefly earlier this year. America enjoyed that. Also the Twilight Zone Marathon.)

Enjoy! And see all songs collected into: Tonight's YouTube Playlist (Set-up and Organized by Sam G.)
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(Also, I may have been using the term America interchangably with myself throughout this post. I see people on television do it all the time, so I figured it was cool.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ten Songs You'd Sing At Karaoke In Order To Try To Hit On Someone Else There

1. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons)
2. Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (by Bachman Turner Overdrive)
3. She's So High (by Tal Bachman)
4. You're So Vain (by Carly Simon) [Note From Tommy: "To throw off that one guy/lady who thought you were singing about them but you weren't. You were singing about someone else in the same room."]
5. Kiss (by Prince)
6. Q&A (by Office)
7. What I Like About You (by Lillix) ((The Romantics Cover))
8. Legs (by ZZ Top)
9. It Had To Be You (by Billie Holiday)
10. You and Me (by Lifehouse)

Is that potential significant other looking your way? Indeed. So is everyone else in the room. This was a terrible decision or- no- this was best decision of your life. You are going to do this and you are going to do this majestically. Jack and Rose, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, John Cusack's boombox scene in Say Anything; all these will have nothing on your coming moment of romantic magnificance. Now you just need to figure out what to sing. Enjoy.

See all songs collected into: Tonight's YouTube Playlist (Set-up and organized by Sam G.)
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Best of The Week Poll (June 27-July 1, 2011)

We've hit 50 songs again this week, and you know what that means! I am assuming you do, at least. I'm going to tell you regardless though so it is okay if you don't. It's time for our best of the week poll! And this time we won't disappear for a couple months after posting the results! Probably.

In any case, your input is much appreciated. The poll is at the bottom of the page, just keep scrolling down till you hit it and pick which of the songs you feel were the absolute best this week. You can certainly vote for more than one song, as always, though it'd make sense for you to keep it to ten at the most. Whatever the top ten songs are will be made into tomorrow night's playlist, so vote carefully because this is important. It is for the internet.

Thank you.